About us:

T3 Kitchen Heating Refrigeration, also known as T3 KHR, is Veteran owned family operated repair company operating in Alabama. We understand what commitment and sense of family means. We want to extend that to you, the Customer. Allowing us to assist you in your time of need grants a dedication and an understanding of a family mentality. Honest conversations that pertain to your business needs and best options are a part of our “Customers are family” mindset. You, the Customer, will not have to worry about “if” or “will they show” because our word is based on integrity and without integrity our words are meaningless. We will come when called. That is our commitment. You have our word.

What we do:

From Café to Concessions – Bistros to Brasseries, no matter the size or type of establishment T3 Kitchen Heating Refrigeration provides maintenance services on commercial equipment relating to Kitchen, Heating, and Refrigeration within the Central, North, and Northeast Alabama area. Defined equipment we repair can be found on our subsequent industry specific web pages.

Our Coverage Area:

area map of Alabama

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